Universal Cleaner
Manufactured by CleanSource Inc.

"Cleaning the Environment
One Mess at a Time"
The A-ben-A-Qui™ Universal Cleaner is a revolutionary multi-purpose cleaner that is Environmentally certified, yet incredibly powerful.  The paste is certified by Chlorine Free Product Association and is Childsafe certified. A-Ben-A-Qui is environmental safe, easy to use and cost effective.  Primarily sold as an all purpose cleaner and mark remover. A-Ben-A-Qui has fast become the number one environmental safe graffiti cleaner.  Presently sold to thousands of schools, colleges, and university systems, in addition to thousands of hospitals, hotels, municipalities and other businesses across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Maintenance staffs around the world have made A-Ben-A-Qui their "Go To Product"!


Environmental Attributes:

* Non-Hazardous

* Non-Poisonous

* Non-Toxic

* Non-Flammable

* Non-Corrosive

* Contains NO VOCs

* Contains NO Petroleum

* Manufactured with bio-based ingredients



* Stainless Steel

* Porcelain

* Fiberglass

* Aluminum

* Metal

* Vinyl

* Grout

* Tile

* Plastic

* Ceramic



* Soap Scum

* Grout Stains

* Ink Marks

* Graffiti

* Scuff Marks

* Permanent Marker

* Hard Water Marks

* Rust Stains

* Food and Coffee Stains


Environmentally Safe Alternative to:

* Ajax

* Comet

* Soft Scrub